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EP46: Building Self-Confidence From Trauma w/ Motivational Speaker Shametria Gonzales

The struggle with self-confidence is a real thing, regardless if we have been through trauma in our life or not.

But how much harder is it to bounce back, transform, and build a new life steeped in self-confidence when you have had trauma like Shametria Gonzales? Shametria’s extraordinary story of transforming her life from being trafficked, and escaping extreme poverty to being a Founder, life coach, and real estate investor is the inspiration behind her bold mission to teach others that it is possible to do the same. Today, fans worldwide revere Shametria for her mastery of teaching people how to accomplish unfathomable goals and tap into their limitless potential. Shametria has spoken on stages like the Zurich Classic, Dress for Success Worldwide Conference, and Grant Cardone 10x Growth Conference – just to name a few. Shametria has committed her life to provide women that have been trafficked with Homes for Grace and Unleashing people to speak all around the world.

This episode will change your perspectives on not only what is important in life but also will provide a boost to build your self-confidence and reframe your struggles into purpose.



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