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Hi, I’m Amy Mangueira.

Spending 15 years as a consultant taught me a few things:

Burnout and burnout culture is everywhere.

As a society, we preach too much “hustle culture” and “proving our worth for others.”

We’re chasing busy and wearing it like a badge of honor.


It’s finally time to break free from this mentality that we have to burn ourselves out to have a successful life. It’s going to be a journey. And I’m your guide.

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Hi, I’m Amy Mangueira.

Recognized by the NYC Journal as a Top Life Coach to watch out for in 2022, Amy Mangueira helps people all over the world live burnout-free by bringing clarity, direction, and positive habits into their lives by filling the gap between where they are now and where they want to be. A 4x entrepreneur with successful acquisitions under her belt, Amy has turned her focus to corporate and group burnout coaching, helping to build resilient employees and influence healthy cultures. Amy is the author of The Path to Break Free from Burnout, keynote speaker, and creator of the BEYOND BURNOUT GROUP COACHING FRAMEWORK™. With this framework, she works with individuals and employees to build strategies to manage stress and prevent burnout.  She also owns a custom jewelry company that creates fine jewelry for runners, Victory Co.

As the host of the self-care podcast “Life on MY Terms,” bringing in thousands of listeners worldwide, Amy chats with experts to help listeners become 1% better and take charge of their lives.

Amy is an avid runner, and an Abbott 6 World Major Marathon series finisher amongst the first 2k women in the world to complete the series. When she isn’t running Amy volunteers as a coach and program sponsor for Girls On The Run, a national non-profit organization dedicated to strengthening girls’ social, emotional, physical, and behavioral skills to successfully navigate life experiences through running. Amy lives in St.Petersburg, Florida with her husband, son, and French Bulldog.


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