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Join me on my mission to rid the world of burnout.

Give your audience an engaging way to work through a life-changing topic

Amy has a very personal and impactful message to share with the world:

The path to breaking free from burnout starts with one, simple mindset shift. No spoiler alerts.

Hi, I’m Amy Mangueira.

 I’m on a mission to rid the world of burnout by helping folks change their mindset around time management, energy, and stress. I’m working hard to de-normalize this “hustle culture” and teach folks how to restore work-life harmonization.

As a 4x entrepreneur, I too suffered in the depths of burnout. For my physical health, living in a state of chronic stress resulted in a ton of inflammation that caused major health issues, and my final rock bottom moment, which was sudden hearing loss in my left ear. My body just attacked itself. For my mental health, burnout resulted in severe anxiety and depression. For my soul - it stripped away my identity and left me feeling empty and isolated.

From that moment, I made it my mission to rescue and restore the souls of as many humans that may be lost in the trenches of burnout. Burnout is an equal opportunity sucker of the soul and therefore, this message needs to be spread far.

This is why I am calling reinforcements – YOU!

If you’re looking for someone to make a big impression (and difference) for your next event, you’ve found her.

Download Amy’s Speech description

Amy is available for in-person and virtual events.

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Amy is a dynamic speaker who will keep a crowd engaged and swarming after. Her presentations are action-packed, leaving participants with actionable to-do items that result in change.

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