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EP54: Living Your Life Outside Of People Pleasing w/Coach, Molly Asplin

People pleasers tend to do anything possible to avoid conflict, even if it means turning into an entirely different person. Your worth depends on how others see you. People pleasers need validation from others to feel good about themselves. They can go to extremes to earn words of praise from others. The thing is, people-pleasing holds us back.

We can stay trapped in a job that doesn't suit us, also, as we work to stick with what others (and society) think is best but, have you ever felt there was something more for yourself? Molly Asplin did. After 7 years of working in corporate finance with a background in Accounting, Molly found herself waking up every morning thinking “there has to be something more”. While she appreciated her coworkers and her company, she wanted to directly impact the lives of others. She felt complacent and surface-level happy, like life was on autopilot and she was going through the motions. She felt bored, yet overwhelmed, with busy days but mundane outcomes.

Looking for a solution, she started working on herself — her nutrition, fitness, and daily personal development. She found that these daily habits created productivity, energy, and opened her eyes to a future career. She surrounded herself with others who were growing, and in doing so, she sensed a large need to mentor other over-achieving females who wanted the same things she did — to feel healthier, happier, and live life with more meaning and purpose.

Today she leads a team of over 1,200 coaches, helping other women find more fulfillment in life. She is a firm believer in helping women create options for their families - financial flexibility, location flexibility, and time flexibility - so that they wake up every morning feeling peace, excitement, and purpose. Molly shows us there IS MORE - now you just have to get after it.








IG: @projectamy or @lifeonmyterms_podcast


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