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EP52: Challenges Of Hormone Changes For Women In Their 40s w/ Joi Founder, Katy Whalen

If you have entered into your 40s you may feel a little different. I know I have.

I am constantly feeling like my body is falling apart - that I am not myself. That was how the founder of Joi Women's Wellness, Katy Whalen felt.

Her long journey through infertility, miscarriages, IVF, and finally giving birth to her little boy left her feeling fatigued, hormonal, overweight, and struggling with brain fog. She searched for a holistic solution that would help her to feel like “herself” again, and that’s when she learned about hormone optimization and peptide therapies. The only problem? They were so hard to come by! After both she and her husband began to experience amazing results with both peptides and hormones, she knew they had to share them with women everywhere.

Joi is a place where women can find answers, manage their health holistically, and truly start to feel like themselves again (looking better too is just an added bonus!). Because you know what? Women deserve to feel their best from the inside out.

In this episode, learn how to take control of your health - and be an advocate for yourself.



Joi Women's Wellness -



IG: @projectamy or @lifeonmyterms_podcast


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