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EP44: Running as a Path To Long-Term Health + Performance w/Health Coach Elizabeth Knight

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

What are the benefits of running (and movement, in general)?

I decided to sit down with Elizabeth Knight to get the answers to that question - and more. She is a health coach, health researcher, and nurse practitioner who made a career shift over the past two years due to burnout (self-rescue accomplished!). Elizabeth is also a trail runner with a passion for using movement and athletics to improve physical and mental well-being. In this episode, I sit down with Elizabeth Knight to discuss:

  • Evidence for the physical and mental health benefits of exercise and running– and how much is enough (getting nerdy)

  • Disease risk reduction and symptom management, from cardiovascular disease to cancer to depression

  • Using values and goal-setting techniques to become a stronger human and athlete (the coaching toolkit)

  • The power of community in sport for everyday athletes (and trail running as a great case study)

  • Running as an “anchor habit” for other positive change

  • Her own journey from being an ICU nurse, through graduate school and working in academia, to working in primary care, to switching it up– and doubling down on her identity as a runner.



Elizabeth Knight lives and runs in Portland, Oregon. When she’s not on the trails in Forest Park, she works as a nurse practitioner and owns an integrative health coaching practice,⁠ Flower Power Health⁠, where she works with runners. She’s passionate about science, inclusivity, and helping people approach their bodies with kindness and curiosity. A few of her favorite things are dogs, rock and roll, and pizza. Elizabeth is:

  • A certified integrative health coach who works with runners

  • A practicing nurse practitioner in primary care (DNP; clinical practice doctorate)

  • A scientist focused on gender and cardiovascular health (PhD in nursing science)

  • A runner!



IG @lifeonmyterms_podcast or @projectamy


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