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EP31: Lessons in Confidence by Sugar Sugar Wax CEO, Salome Sallehy

A lack of self-confidence comes in many shapes and forms, and learning how to build confidence is an ongoing project for most of us – we are all a work in progress! Some of the best perspectives in how to build self-confidence comes from entrepreneurs as they are often faced with more struggles than successes as they chart their path. On this episode I chat with Sugar Sugar Wax founder, Salome Sallehy. Listen as she chats about mindset, taking risks, and balance.

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Salome Sallehy is a change-maker in the beauty industry. She founded Sugar Sugar Wax, a sustainable and holistic hair removal and body care company in 2020. Determined to raise health and sustainability standards in the beauty and personal care industry, Salome has quickly become recognized for her innovation and sustainable business practices.

Not only are the products developed with human health at the epicenter of function, but every business decision is made measuring the product or ingredients against environmental impact.

To make a real difference she believed that education and information should be shared with the public to empower people to make better choices for themselves. So shortly after launching Sugar Sugar Wax, Salome launched Natural Beauty Summit, a not for profit platform for experts in health and wellness to share what big business doesn’t want the public to know, and to give other change-makers in wellness and beauty a platform to share their stories and learnings.



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