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EP36: Listener Q+A: What if I can’t…

Welcome to listener Q+A. In these episodes, I work to compile the most commonly asked questions and answer them live on the podcast. I work to put them into a theme. On this episode, we are looking at "I can't" statements/questions.

This reframe is necessary because "I can't" statements are a part of "all or nothing" thinking. This type of thinking can cause a substantial amount of harm to your self-worth and growth. It will affect the way you feel about yourself by giving up or not even trying and others by comparing yourself, in return, adding pressure that doesn't exist.

Typically, this type of thinking will use absolute terms, such as always or never, good or bad, can or can't, and this results in many people not being able to see alternative outcomes. It can make it difficult, and in some cases impossible, to see solutions.

Get your notepad ready because there is a lot of action items and reflection to do in this episode.




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