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EP20: How to Start Putting Yourself FIRST w/Katy Rey

No matter how often someone tells you to “put your own oxygen mask on” before helping others, putting yourself first is tough. Let’s face it, prioritizing yourself was probably complicated in 2018 and 2019. Post-2020? It’s almost laughable. How do you put yourself first when it feels like you’re living through multiple disasters? How do you say, “I deserve more than this,” when people are suffering everywhere? The short answer: It’s hard but necessary work.

This topic is a tough one and that's why I sat down with Katy Rey, my partner at Humans First Coaching and all-around super Human to chat about tips to put yourself first.



Katy Rey, co-founder of Humans First Coaching, Founder of Fostering Hearts FL and Host of Tampa Bay-based podcast, Not A Great Whisperer. She has been a leader in the Sales and Marketing industry for over 15 years. Katy’s vigor and enthusiasm for life presents itself in her interactions with others and through her speaking events. She unites herself with organizations to empower one another to live life authentically by owning their stories and not being defined by labels. After experiencing multiple setbacks and obstacles in her own life and career, Katy chose to maintain an unstoppable attitude and overcame the challenges in her path. She has dedicated herself to helping others achieve their life goals as a coach and by impacting thousands of lives in a positive way through her organizations and everyday interactions.

Connect with Katy

IG: @therealkrey



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