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EP19: What To Do When Burnout Creeps Back In

Today we are going to chat about some tactics to use when burnout comes creeping back in. If you are like me and have recovered from burnout, you likely start to get those big warning signs that something may be going off course.

I say the bright side of having gone through burnout and recovered is that you a) are more resilient and b) you can spot the things that do not feel right.

When you start to see that your calendar is being loaded back up with meetings, back-to-back, every weekday - this is a sign that burnout is just around the corner.

When you find yourself sitting with a headache that appears every day at 3p after you have been sitting at the computer and have forgotten to take lunch AGAIN - burnout red flag.

These are just a few examples, but even in our most utopic situations, burnout can and will try to come for you. And you need to be ready to fight.

Listen to the episode to learn the tactics to stay burnout free.



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