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EP37: Compassion Fatigue vs Burnout w/ Social Worker Annie Schodt

Droves of nurses, hospital workers, teachers, and principals are leaving their careers. When we compound the stress that is happening is these service fields, in particular, with the pandemic and school shootings, there is no wonder that the compassion fatigue that has always been present is quickly escalating to burnout. The bigger problem: these open positions are not getting filled leaving critical shortages around the world.

I decided to take some time to dig into compassion fatigue - what it is and how it differs from burnout (but also contributes to burnout). There was no better person than sitting down with a seasoned social worker to share the day-in-the-life of being an empath, managing stress when your job requires you to save the world.



Annie is a single mom of two incredible teenagers that have blossomed into the best human beings this world will have the pleasure of being around. She hails from Erie, Pennsylvania and resides in Dunedin FL with her life partner and those two incredible kiddos. She has earned three degrees: Criminal Justice, Sociology, and Woman's Studies. Annie has a strong passion for advocacy surrounding marginalized populations, vulnerable populations, survivors of sexual abuse, domestic violence, and human trafficking. When asked to describe Annie to the people who know her best, she is often described as open minded, non-judgemental, giving her whole self to assisting people in need, bringing great energy and vibes, and of course....hilarious. Annie is a REAL person and can relate to anyone she comes in contact with and her clients have often told her she is the reason they have gotten through the toughest times in their lives.


IG @lifeonmyterms_podcast


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