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EP18: Minimalist Mindset - The Benefits of Decluttering Our Lives

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Minimalism is a lifestyle choice encouraging you to clear the clutter from your life so you can focus on your priorities and the things that really matter to you, in your home, schedule, heart and mind. In this episode, I explain my interpretation of the minimalist mindset and how to think like a minimalist - and why it is important for living your life on YOUR terms.

When I was recovering from burnout and writing my book, decluttering became something that was key in healing. I am not by any means at all going without - instead, I am making so much more time for the things that I love. We can start with my workspace where I record the podcast from. Since I was a little girl I always wanted a full bookshelf filled with my favorite books. This bookshelf used to house a bunch of "things" that I did not need. After a little decluttering exercise, what remains are books that have meaning - ones that I will revisit over and over again in my lifetime. Doing this made my space feel better and has brought much value to everything in this space.

I guess it's time for you to dig in more - and check out the episode using the link below (or via the listening platform of your choice).

PS: Take a look at one of my favorite resources that cover all facets of decluttering your life as I chat about on the podcast episode HERE.



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