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EP13: Taking Back Control: A Story of Breaking Free From Burnout w/ Lark Ericson, RN + Life Coach

Repeat after me: Burnout is more than just stress - it's a soul-sucking syndrome that can have you broken emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Burnout can affect us all differently, but there are a ton of common reasons why we get burnt out. One of those ways is staying too long in a toxic work environment with a terribly toxic boss.

That was the reality for Lark Ericson. She was very optimistic when starting her new role as an RN for a Medical Spa until she started to suffer from a cycle of emotional abuse from her boss. This experience led her physically damaged as well as emotionally stripped of confidence and self-worth.

You'll want to listen to this episode, first-hand, to hear more about how Lark's burnout began, peaked, and what her healing journey looked like.



Lark Ericson is a Health and Life Coach currently living in Brooklyn, NY. She has been an RN since 2008 and her love of helping others inspired her to become a coach to help people grow and succeed past the expectations they have for their lives. She loves working with people struggling with the loss of identity during a midlife crisis, retirement, and grief. Her background as an RN has given her the opportunity to work with many clients at different stages of their lives which has taught her that we can all use a little guidance from time to time. She believes that needing help does not mean you are a failure or not worthy of the life you want. Lark Ericson wants you to understand who you are at this stage in your life and to trade self-criticism for curiosity. She wants you to experience the inner satisfaction that comes with a vibrant life filled with confidence.

Instagram: @larkericson



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