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EP3: Midlife Crisis Survival Tips w/ Life Coach & RN Lark Ericson

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

Identity is a huge element in feeling "comfortable in your own skin." People who are having a midlife crisis are thought to be struggling with their own mortality and, somewhere during midlife, they ditch some of their responsibilities in favor of fun. That's why the term "midlife crisis" often causes people to picture mistresses and sports cars.

What is really happens stems from losing a bit of your identity. It’s thought that aging leads to feelings of depression, remorse, and anxiety. And a midlife crisis is a phase that helps people feel youthful again as they struggle to come to terms with the fact that their lives are half over.

But, the emotional turmoil some people experience during midlife doesn’t always lead to major lifestyle changes that involve the desire to be young again. In fact, a midlife crisis could turn into something positive.

In this episode, I sit down with Health + Life Coach, Lark Ericson, to better understand Midlife Crisis - and provide YOU some tips to survive one.



Lark Ericson is a Health and Life Coach currently living in Brooklyn, NY. She has been an RN since 2008 and her love of helping others inspired her to become a coach to help people grow and succeed past the expectations they have for their lives. She loves working with people struggling with the loss of identity during a midlife crisis, retirement, and grief. Her background as an RN has given her the opportunity to work with many clients at different stages of their lives which has taught her that we can all use a little guidance from time to time. She believes that needing help does not mean you are a failure or not worthy of the life you want. Lark Ericson wants you to understand who you are at this stage in your life and to trade self criticism for curiosity. She wants you to experience the inner satisfaction that comes with a vibrant life filled with confidence.

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