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EP10: How to Own Your Career Growth - and Develop a Growth Mindset w/Anne Loher

Career development starts young … very young!

Children imagine what they want to be when they grow up. Ideas are tried on, developed, and set aside. New options are contemplated.

And so the process of career development starts — and never really ends until retirement (perhaps not even then).

The tricky thing is: sometimes we start a career thinking that this is our path, but realize that we need something else. But is it ok to change careers? Sometimes we are an individual contributor and we are seeing more - wanting to manage people or move laterally. Regardless, career growth can be tough - and even tougher is developing the growth mindset needed to advance where you want to be.

In this episode, I sit down with Anne Loher who spends her time coaching and training around this very topic. It's a very empowering episode - take a listen.



Anne Loehr is an internationally sought after keynote speaker, writer, consultant, and trainer. She helps leaders in large organizations connect today’s everyday decisions to the future workplace. Her end goal is to help organizations retain their top talent and not only survive but thrive. To learn more about Anne, check out or follow her on Twitter.



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