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EP28: Authentically ME: A Chat with Running Influencer, Latoya Shauntay Snell

What does it mean to be your authentic self? I mean, really be your authentic self. That means, who you show up for at work, in your personal life, and maybe even on social media.

Your authentic self is who you truly are as a person, regardless of your occupation, regardless of the influence of others, it is an honest representation of you. It encompasses the values that you believe in and the person that you are.

We often leave our authentic selves at an exit on the highway as we breeze through life in the fast lane, trying to be the person others want us to be. That's why I love chatting with folks that are truly their authentic selves to their core, regardless of the audience.

Meet Latoya Shauntay-Snell - Endurance athlete, Chef, Content Creator, and best-in-class IG influencer. Her biggest achievements and failures are watched closely by the 77,000+ humans that follow her on Instagram. The thing that makes me so happy is that no matter what, Latoya always shows up as her authentic self. And with that comes some valuable tips that I am so excited she gets to share with all of you.

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