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Break-Free from Burnout


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Meet Amy

4x Entrepreneur. Burnout + Self-Care Expert. Lover of Life.

Mom, Marathoner, Motivational Speaker, Author

Host of "Life on MY Terms" Podcast

Hiya - I'm Amy. Nice to meet you! As a burnout coach it is my job to ensure that you are making 1% improvements each and every day, and helping you to navigate the blockers that may be preventing that. I specialize in helping folks break-free from burnout, one of the biggest blockers that can prevent us from making the progress we want to see in ourselves. My "BEYOND BURNOUT FRAMEWORK" has helped thousands transform their lives.

From The Podcast

Life on MY Terms is a podcast that covers health, life and everything in-between. It is centered around the key self-care pillars that help YOU live your life on your terms. This  podcast was born from my own suffering and healing from burnout. I needed to take charge of my life and that's what this podcast will help you do. Want to feel empowered to take charge of YOU?

You've come to the right place.

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“I didn't think that I could step out of a career that was causing me burnout and keeping me from feeling fulfilled. By using Amy's burnout framework in a workshop, I have since found my way into a new, purpose-driven career and have restored balance in my life. ”

Results from a Fortune 500

Leadership Workshop

"I was dealing with the worst kind of toxic work environment. It caused me increased anxiety from an emotionally abusive boss but I was stuck - I needed the income. After going through Amy' burnout workshop, I was able to make a future-self plan. Now 90 days later I have set clear boundaries, connected with my authentic self and am reaching new goals for myself. I can think clearly for the first time in years. Amy's actionable framework really works."


Results from a Burnout Workshop

“Amy is a dynamic speaker who will keep a crowd engaged and swarming after. Her presentations are action-packed, leaving participants with actionable to-do items that results in change.”



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