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Now living burnout free is possible.

Join me weekly for group coaching.

Welcome to a life BEYOND BURNOUT. I am your guide, Amy Mangueira. Whether you’ve read my book The Path to Break Free from Burnout or not, this community is all about accountability – doing the work to live our best lives, burnout free. It is easy to know what to do, but when we are already overwhelmed, we can suffer from a lack of motivation that causes us to sit in the status quo, continuing to drown deeper and deeper.


This idea married with the idea that 1:1 coaching can be expensive, I created this BEYOND BURNOUT community to give you the best of 1:1 coaching, accountability, and community that is needed to keep growth trajectory, building resilience one day at a time.

Group Coaching + Connection  =  Actionable Change

Member Benefits

As a member you will enjoy:



This is the theme we will be dedicating our month to. There will be actionable work through our coaching geared towards growth.


Weekly live coaching sessions

 Yes, with me. We will meet every Sunday for 60 minutes to discuss the topic and action items for the week and give members the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.


Exclusive resources

Every week there will be activity guides to help you reflect and process so you can bring this work to life. In addition, I will have accountability check-ins, and other goodies you can access.


Access to the Community

 You will have access to our BEYOND BURNOUT community at any time. We will also have opportunities to join specific cohorts. I will also conduct office hours every Wednesday in which I will work to answer questions during a given timeslot


Self-Care Challenges

These will be our monthly goals we set to take our self-care to the next level. Get ready to build new habits that last.

Ready to Join?

Our community is $29/month (requires a 3-month commitment for accountability. This members then moves to month-to-month).

© Amy Mangueira 2023 


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