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I'm your guide, Amy Mangueira.

I'm your guide, Amy Mangueira.

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It's time to break free from burnout, recharge, and reclaim your life!

I'm your guide, Amy Mangueira.

Let's not just chalk this up to being a buzzword. Every day, the number of folks that move into burnout syndrome is rising. We're seeing it happen in droves amongst healthcare workers and teachers, as well as those remote workers that have been "always on" since the pandemic. Let's not forget about the stay-at-home moms and college students. 

Burnout syndrome stems from being in a constant state of stress response with an imbalance of recharging the energy stores. It's real. It's serious. And I'm here to help.

My book The Path to Break Free From Burnout is an interactive experience that will guide you to being the best YOU, burnout FREE.


About the Book

The Path to Break Free From Burnout: Recharge and Reclaim Your Life by Amy Mangueira is divided into three parts (and includes interactive downloadables to do the work along the way):


1. Part One helps readers understand which stage of burnout they are in and empathetically covers the emotional, physical, and mental deterioration they are experiencing.


2. Part Two moves into how to heal from burnout through an interactive, nine-step journey. At each stop are action items for readers to complete to move closer to healing. Part Two ends with a 30-60-90 future self-plan to help readers become accountable for change.


3. Part Three shares how to stay burnout-free through resiliency and preserving energy.

Together, we can put you back into the driver seat of your life, and reclaim what's yours. Let's do this!

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Our brains are simply ill evolved to deal with the modern working environment. The increasing emphasis on productivity—and the emotional need to prove one’s worth through one’s job—leaves workers in a permanent state of fight or flight." (Robson, n.d.).

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